Quality Assurance

Identify broken links, broken images and problems with your site with a quick scan and report card. Monsido looks for quality assurance issues, SEO opportunities, content and accessibility problems in your site.

Monsido is a third-party service that can crawl websites once a week and run a diagnostic check for quality assurance, SEO, content governance and accessibility. Web managers can spend more time on messages and less time correcting quality control issues. Monsido is configured to evaluate the following areas:

  • Quality Assurance - broken links, misspellings, potential misspellings, broken images and Readability levels.
  • Policies - these are set up to help guide content governance, ensuring that the same style is being used consistently throughout Ohio State sites, and that problematic terms are being found and removed.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Evaluates where your pages have opportunities to increase their search engine optimization so you can show up higher in searches.
  • Accessibility - your site will be scanned to give you insights into how you can improve your accessibility based on WCAG 2.0 AA requirements. (This scan does not replace manual testing and does not meet full requirements of the ADA office.)
  • Heartbeat - checks to make sure your website has been live and determines its downtime over a month.

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Monsido Training

Once your site is approved for scanning, you can sign up for Monsido training which will introduce the tool's easy interface. Training will cover how to navigate the site and use dashboards for: Quality Assurance scanning, policies that implement content governance, SEO, Accessibility and Heartbeat. You will learn best practices on how to work with the tool and how to use the Chrome browser extension to make your work even easier.

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Policy Summary

How to Utilize Monsido for Your Domain

Monsido Quarterly Webinar - February 16, 2021


Monsido Classes

Due to the current pandemic, Monsido classes are being taught via zoom/teams on an as requested basis.

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