Link Management

Create and manage branded, shortened URLs with tracking strategies. Create QR Codes for print materials.

Vanity URLs can be used to promote pages within your website. Ohio State Go links are solutions for publishing readable, shorter URLs for your site visitors.

Some of the benefits

  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO is better for your page when it's within your site, as opposed to a secondary subdomain. Rather than indexing an an entirely different site, promoting your pages within your units site is a great way to atract new visitors. Use a Go link to be able to make a URL printable, readable, and user-friendly.
  • Tracking: The Go system is designed to let you see how many visitors come through your Go link door.
  • Simplicity: It can also be much simpler to use and maintain Go links versus subdomains. You can avoid the complexity of creating a whole new website and needing to make DNS changes to launch. The user can always change where the Go link points to without needing tech support if necessary.


Visit to learn more. Login to start creating and managing your links.



Do I need a need a new Ohio State subdomain?

The answer depends on a lot of factors. 

First, a subdomain is, wheras a subdirectory is

Here are some decison factors to help you decide if you need a subdomain, or a directory.

  • Subdirectories are preferred because they provide faster, stronger SEO. Users can find sites better through search if they are not sequestered to a different subdomain. If your site wants to attract a public audience (future students, future employees, members of the public), you are better off homing your site within your unit.
  • Navigational understanding. Users want breadcrumbs or navigational identity as they use the many Ohio State sites. Some users understand the nesting patterns in URLs. Identifying the right unit or college sponsoring the site's information can be important to the user for wayfinding or identifying next steps.
  • Are you part of a college, school, office or unit? You will want to benefit from that units's traffic, identity and SEO juice. If you are not affiliated with a unit, you may be right for a subdomain.
  • Is it a 3rd party app or supplier site, masking as an Ohio State property? Yes, a subdomain may be the right option for you, since the interface and components may be identified as a 3rd party site or supplier.