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Ohio State to life

University Marketing offers enterprise-wide resources to help get the job done. Whether you want to learn best practices, share your ideas or latest effort, or grow your marketing knowledge overall or in a particular area, marketing groups are a great outlet to get involved with. And if you have questions about anything from Ohio State’s editorial style to nuances around the brand guidelines, we’ve got the right tool for you.

Services and Support

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University Marketing offers a wide variety of services and support, all accessible online. From web update requests to social media amplification and bulk email sends to OnCampus content, submit and manage requests for your ongoing service and support needs.

Online Tools

Brand guidelines
Our brand guidelines are the tools we use to create those stories and reinforce those experiences; they are the operating manual for looking, speaking, and acting as One University.

Photo gallery
This gallery of selected photography offers Ohio State building, spirit, and scene photos for university use.

AP Stylebook
The AP Stylebook is a must-have reference for writers, editors, journalists, students and professionals. It provides fundamental guidelines for spelling, language, punctuation, usage and journalistic style.

Marketing Communities

Email marketing
Find what you need to get connected and make the most out of your email marketing efforts. Seek advice from our email marketing experts, download templates and learn about the email marketing tools used and supported by University Marketing.

Social media
Ohio State's social media is a benchmark among institutions of higher education. Get engaged with our social media community, gain insight into social media best practices and learn more about the tools that drive our social media capabilities.