Guest Blog: Melanie DiFeo

Best practices for sharing research

Guest Blog: Melanie DiFeo

Nov 13, 2017

In this third installment of how to elevate thought leadership, we’ll look at the best ways to get research out to our targeted audiences based on the process for translating and sharing Fisher research we recently incepted. In the short amount of time this process has been in place, we’ve been able to compile a list of tips and best practices to use when creating a research translation: 

  • When beginning the research translation, ALWAYS ask your faculty members/researchers about whether or not they signed a Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA). If so, be sure and check the terms of the CDA.
  • Make sure the work is allowed to be published. The Intellectual Property (IP) status could have implications both for publishing the work in a paper as well as the college-level research translation. If the researcher is unsure, reach out to the Technology Commercialization Office directly.
  • If the research is not being published in a paper, has it been peer-reviewed?
  • As you begin to create that content pipeline, is there an equal representation of different departments/disciplines from your unit?
  • If the translation involves a sponsored research project and/or an Ohio State Startup Company has resulted from this research, be sure to follow the university’s promotional language guidelines and restrictions. Also, check the sponsored research agreement to make sure publicizing the results and/or mentioning the company is allowed.
  • Potentially developing an FAQ to be distributed internally to faculty/researchers to address any outstanding questions and to be used as a process reference document.

Going Forward

We’re excited about the future of this process, and we plan to launch the research-focused newsroom, Forefront, in the coming weeks. We’re also adding faculty books to the translation queue and even trying our hand at some video research translations. As we refine the process, we continue to glean more insights that help inform our decisions and create additional best practices that we can share with the Ohio State marketing community.

The research happening at Ohio State and Fisher is powerful and offers so many insights and solutions for a wide array of disciplines. Our hope is that this new research-translation process will enhance the university as we work to translate and disseminate the high-impact research happening on a daily basis. Incepting the research translation process is a small step that will play a large part in achieving the strategic plan’s aspirations for “Research and Creative Expression.”

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