Adrienne Nazon

Adrienne Nazon

Vice President of Marketing; Chief Marketing Officer

What are you reading?

Adrienne Nazon

Dec 01, 2017

To be expertise-driven marketers, we must stay connected to our crafts. Professional development is a win-win proposition: Individuals get better at their jobs and more confident in their skills, and The Ohio State University benefits from staff's savvy.

As we develop as a skilled marketing organization at Ohio State, it's critical that we read and seek out thought leadership related to our discipline — and share the best of this information with one another. 

With that in mind, I've recently asked several colleagues to share what they're reading, listening to and watching — and how it increases their marketing know-how.

See what's inspiring my colleagues in University Marketing — and find out what our colleagues are reading, below.

Dan Caterinicchia, Chief Communications Officer, Office of Advancement/The Ohio State University Alumni Association

Reading: "Audacious Philanthropy" from the Harvard Business Review

"The examples given of audacious social change initiatives of the past century and the role of philanthropists in them include everything from the anti-Apartheid movement to marriage equality to Sesame Street! It’s a piece that educates, forces alternative thinking and stays with you long after you finish consuming it. Those are traits that marketers and communicators can relate to and strive for every day."

Libby Eckhardt, Chief Communications Officer, College of Arts and Sciences

Reading: Higher Ed's Top Marketing Problems and How to Solve Them, from the American Marketing Association

"I am sold on this: 'Higher education is at an inflection point: It can either have an identity crisis or grasp the opportunity for reinvention with both hands.' There are two major catalysts for this immediate need for reinvention: a critical tipping point in the digital transformation in marketing and the growing imperative to demonstrate value, customization and fit to our stakeholders."

Beth McGuffey, Executive Director, Enrollment Services, Marketing and Strategic Communications

Reading: Ruffalo Noel Levitz 2017 E-Expectations Trend Report (PDF)

"This is always solid information from a respected, reliable source. The report reiterates what we know: parents and guardians of prospective undergraduate students are highly involved and influential in the college decision process. One big takeaway for me: We want parent contact info for engagement, but capturing that data point from a student is difficult and yields spotty results at best."

Matt Schutte, Director of Communications, College of Engineering

Reading: "Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations" by Thomas Friedman

"We used this book’s premise as a topic primer for an executive alumni roundtable we held this past summer. The planet’s three largest forces—Moore’s law (technology), the Market (globalization), and Mother Nature (climate change and biodiversity loss)—are accelerating all at once. Reading the book and then listening to comments from some of our alumni has helped me understand impact/importance of technology being developed within the college."
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